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The Warmage

By Windblossom

1090 0 0 2964

Politics and Gods clash in a world where magic is given to those who swear their lives to serve the diety whose power they seek. But where great power is available to all, the Gods have begun to die and new alliances are formed to salvage what power they can....

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 3 - Dawn of Destruction

By JHarris15

38822 11 0 70415

The Third Part of The Oblivion Series. The dead are speaking, after the events of the attack on Wolfrick manor, the group must deal with the aftermath of the attack, both mental and physical. As magic starts to creep back into the world for both good and...

From the Beginning

By Rukasoar

20 0 0 12144

This is an unfiltered book expressing the very beginning of time from a particular point of view. It will dive deep to all the secrets of dieties from the past as well as how the planes came to be as they are.

Tales of the Nine

By essentiallyawerebear

669 0 0 331

These tales are considered myths by most, and while there is likely more to the stories, these oral traditions were finally recorded on parchment in there present form which can be found in any temple in the Pentaverate.

Picken's Side

By jace0420

69 0 0 785

George Pickens will have to leave his old life of being a pickpocket to stand up against Goramar, god of war. Pickens is the only one that can use the Amulet of Power against Goramar to destroy him forever. The fate of Lorakia depends on Pickens and the militia...

Short stories

By CraniumBeaver

1624 0 0 1125

A collection of short stories set in Amanor. In [b]Jar of Souls[/b], the God of Death is being pursued through the Ethereal Plane. Unable to escape his dangerous adversary, he decides to make his stand. At stake is more than his life, for what he guards must...

The Second Banquet

By Hiccup Haddock the Third

120 0 0 512

The story of the second Banquet. The First is rather uninteresting since everyone present collectively spent thier time murdering Cold North.

The Myths and Legends of the Inerysian Gods

By Kelaya-deleted

848 0 0 263

Before the days of human conquest in Inerys, the gods ruled as the highest power over the land, giving it the nickname the Gods' Lands. This book details the original myths and stories of the old gods, their births, rises and falls in power, their connections...