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flash fiction

Flash Fiction

By The Moro

808 0 0 0

Practice Flash Fiction based on Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal. None of these are terrible, but they are me learning a craft :3.

Flash Fiction of Pastoria

By loremother

5782 29 13 4759

In February of 2021, Morrigan Robbins took on the Flash Fiction February challenge with The Storytelling Collective. This is the collection of those stories. Visit Morrigan's Website: Find out more about The Storytelling Collective...

The Castaway

By SilikG

503 0 0 424

Shipwrecked on a beach, a castaway explores being alone.

A World of Loneliness

By BrokenJac

4372 36 5 862

[Flash Fiction Anthology] 9 pieces of flash fiction; 9 words to describe loneliness; 1 journey. Explore the world of flash fiction through 9 pieces that make up the Flash Fiction Anthology: A World of Loneliness. -- [small][i]These pieces were written...