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Flash Fiction

By It's Moro!

1548 0 0 0

Practice Flash Fiction based on Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal. None of these are terrible, but they are me learning a craft :3.


By gtwinna

1862 0 0 168064

Maxed-out Max never wanted to get sent to Shang'rok. His objective: find and follow the escaped prisoner Killian Brave, the greatest traitor to the six realms the Force had ever seen. They didn't warn him about the werewolves- or the weather. Saved by Natasha...

It Spreads: Infection

By amelianite

1416 0 0 2833

**A Novella set AFTER the Alpha Saga** What if your entire life went up in smoke in less than twenty-four hours? Jobs, homes, technology, family? All of that disappeared in the blink of an eye. Well, that's what Kěith, Jack, and their company have come to...


By ccpadilla

327 0 0 5601

Work in progress of playable adventures within the Wayward Galaxy. Play any race within the galaxy, within a time zone. Become a soldier during the age of war to defend your lands. Become a crime lord or space pirate during an age of reclamation. So many options!...

Exodus 9

By Kavriel

371 0 0 10312

Humanity is on the brink of ascending into virtual paradise- never mind the heart of civilization just quit beating. Those with their heads in the stream are quick to go on as if nothing had changed, but those in the real see new opportunities in the light...


By gtwinna

1750 0 0 94325

Updated Weekly. Amnesia in the post-apocalypse; can it get more cliche? Meet Natasha and Kana as they learn how to live in the shattered reflections of a world that used to be. A ravaging virus, mutant werewolves, supernatural powers, and a spark of hope...

Heaven on Earth

By HouseOfWonders

771 0 0 4211

In a not so distant future life goes on in Heaven. A digital environment in which everybody can be who they want ...even the dead. A motley group from around the globe has to come together to solve a crime in the real wolrd as well as in the digital.

The Silicon Dragon

By Mandalorian BBQ

1299 0 0 113

In the near future Earth is locked in a war with its colonies in the solar system. A Martian Secret Agent is in deep cover on Earth infiltrating its transportation sector when a biological weapon is released in New Brazil. The newsfeeds say it was the Colonies,...

[BOOK 1] ODIN'S|GATE: Emergence

By odinsgate

1079 0 0 5682

Alan is a twenty year old shut in. A leftover from a generation damaged forever by a Pandemic that swept the world. His life changes when he gains mysterious access to an online deep dive game (MMODDG) called ODIN'S|GATE.


By gajusmaximus

2016 4 1 9989

Die Frankobritannica ist ein Kolonieschiff, dass nach einer mehrere Jahrhunderte dauernden Reise durch den Hyperraum das Novum-System erreicht. Leider konnten die Menschen der alten Erde nicht alles voraussehen: Nach der Rückkehr in den Normalraum geschehen...