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Horror Fantasy

Neon Shadows

By TheBroddha

454 0 0 921

The world is a shell of its former glory and splendor. Much has happened since the vanity of humanity became too much to carry any longer, bringing them and their nations to their knees. As the fractured peoples still vie for their piece of power, many creatures...

Courier Fic

By Wubway's Way

1305 0 0 2625

A young and inexperienced apprentice courier, accompanied by her two-man escort, is sent on a seemingly easy and safe assignment: deliver a parcel to the widow of an up-and-coming knight. Outwardly, the parcel is supposed to appear like a sympathy package....

NaNoWriMo Story

By Wandering_Raven

311 0 0 3023

My first entry for NaNoWriMo. I hope it is a good one, for this story was decided on a late-night whim!

Fragment des Wahnsinns

By Amemos

154 0 0 2628

Eine Gruppe von Abenteurern macht sich auf den Weg in die Tiefen der Ruine von Meregor, um ein altes Artefakt zu bergen. Schnell wird klar, dass in Meregor die Dinge nicht so laufen, wie sie es sollten. Allmählich werden die Mitglieder der Expedition wahnsinnig...

The Adornment of Ada

By Secondhand

6478 21 3 8526

" I was 16 going on 17 the first time I saw a dead human body. The fact it seemed to be mine didn't seem to make the situation any weirder than it already was, to tell the truth. "

It Spreads: Infection

By amelianite

1416 0 0 2833

**A Novella set AFTER the Alpha Saga** What if your entire life went up in smoke in less than twenty-four hours? Jobs, homes, technology, family? All of that disappeared in the blink of an eye. Well, that's what Kěith, Jack, and their company have come to...

A Book of Tales Vol 1.

By Lykosity

1151 0 0 50

A collection of short stories and poems, to remember the history of the land and serve as a warning for the future.

The Creeping Sickness

By MappingDragon

770 0 0 0

The high-level plot arc of the Cretia Campaign, which will take players from simple sea adventures, to discovering a insidious plot that is weakening the veil between the material and fey world.

Trials of the Monarch Rough Draft

By anime44e

1446 0 0 753

Cassia Amarran is a royal bastard, she doesn't know her mother, or father, but her bloodline is clear from her natural affinity to death magic, and amber-yellow eyes. The Empire of Diveclia is at the height of its power, but candidates for the Imperial Throne...

"Banished" (taster!)

By LouYardley

6602 0 0 12617

Welcome to the monstrous world of Venari. Try not to get eaten. Elkbury is an idyllic village, hidden away in a rural area of pseudo-medieval Venari. It's a place free of death and disease due to a mysterious ceremony called the Banishment. It's a secret...