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Clean Romance


By shyredfox

5768 0 0 4923

[row][col] [center][h1]Summary[/h1][/center] On Coming of Age Day, Ohno Yasu saves the daughter of a rich business owner from falling and ruining her beautiful kimono. He tries to put her out of his mind. Little does he know their fates are intertwined. This...

Cold, Bright Breezes on Slow, Dusty Mornings

By AvalonArcana

749 2 1 3852

A series of short stories centered around those wonderful two years before Roxie was pulled back into the life of an adventurer.

Redstone Heart

By ElRide

510 0 0 688

Harlow is a popular Minecraft streamer well-known for his over-the-top builds and long-time involvement in the roleplay SMP Bitter Eden. Morgan is an obscure, chronically ill redstone engineer trying to bury a lifetime of trauma. They move in separate circles...