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These, Our Broken Roads

By Shaudawn

55 0 0 1495

Did you ever wonder if maybe the "Road Less Traveled" was that way for a good reason? Daniel is discovering that he is a Dreamwalker. He knew something was wrong with this world. And it wasn't the usual stuff people were always complaining about. His dreams...

Vigilante's End

By DaniAdventures

34 0 0 0

Security guard Zach McLelas is addicted to a designer drug that blocks his danger-sense from landing him in the hospital at the first sign of trouble. He’s at peace for the first time in years. Until his brothers are shot, and he doesn’t see it coming. Now...

The Southern Magicks

By Geek_Aflame

3505 2 0 70396

A close encounter with death dramatically changes Dexter’s life. The brutal demon attack forcing him to face his ability to see the dead. With his secret in the open reluctant Dexter is forced to work for the magical detective agency ran by his family. He...

The Coming of the Dragon

By kijilinn

21 0 0 7498

Marek succumbs to the pressure of the Dragon's possession for the first time.

Human Shed Skin: Hybrid

By Mar Qaroll

66 0 0 0

[h2]Synopsis[/h2] It is 2010. A sudden resurgence of strange inhuman activity has swelled once more, and the magic-user Altercroft's half-demon children are at the crux of it all. While the Clovure Hunter Underground is more than prepared for this, the mysterious...

Truth Spark

By DaniAdventures

328 0 0 4931

Drawn into a battle between two electricity-wielding races from another plane of existence, Lara Sullivan unlocks her own powers and discovers a natural mindlink with a sexy warrior. The erotic visions Cameron Hillard sends her over their link tempt Lara to...

Inquisition Consultancy: Case 001

By AmothTaruun

53 0 0 19893

Zane Dee is an accomplished magician, musician and co-founder of a media company all before he was eighteen. Now, with university behind him and the help of his friend and housemate Jackson, he is putting his talents of the mystical and arcane to use as a...