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The Symphony of the Sun: Mosaic in the Legend

By luckyl13

18 0 0 4122

When the world seems to fall apart, there is always one lynch pin that holds steady. It might be twisting, might be bending, but that is only to adjust the weight of the load it carries as it never is removed nor does it break. For Jean Redding, the lynch...

The Scrolls of Rathias

By PanthersEye

643 0 0 1

These are the collected stories of Rathias

The Book of Irath

By PanthersEye

670 0 0 4830

These are a collection of religious scriptures or text acred to the Lassfydd religion. It is an anthology that are linked by the belief that they are collectively revelation of the Goddess of Light, Irath.

Visions of Ka-Pith

By ilionblaze

788 0 0 975

Part of the Codex of the Viridian Serpent, the. Visions of Ka-Pith provide insight into the creation of the world and events to come.

Solaria: A Universe On Fire

By Dawn Solidae

391 0 0 104

The Drelos-Soluse system is once again at war, it's been 100 years since the First War of Order and the Empire finally snapped again.