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Low Fantasy

Five Tribes

By qwerqsar

57 0 0 0

A young man decides to start a Journey of self discovery, only to become part of a great conspiracy that will take him to the edge of the world and to the centre alongside his companion.

The King's Playground

By Il'lihan

100 0 0 0

Edward Otherworld had wished to break free from Gaisgaich's borderline opressive governement and millitary. He had wished that, by doing so, he could bring with him those who held simmilar beliefs, and in a way that was what happened. The declaration fo...


By Barekamy

639 0 0 29575

Vor den Nordfängen und hinter dem trostlosen Tal, liegt, auf einem namenlosen Berg, das Ewigkeitsfort. Enrik Grünzweig und sein Heer aus Halunken wie auch Bauernvolk, sollen dieses alte Gemäuer bemannen, um sich einem unbekannten Feind zu stellen. Doch die...


By KStevens

37 0 0 1277

Olyvia was more than content to forget her past and move on. But life doesn't always play along.


By stickfigurepoet

80 0 0 56

When he was a child, Nathaniel Fairmonke's family was killed in a coup to remove them from power in New Boris. Nate was rescued from the massacre by his mother's manservant who fled the country to raise him in hiding. Eight years later, Nate is back to have...

Nornlain Tales

By StephenMvS

278 1 1 4042

The various stories I have written for my main world. Most have been written in fifteen minutes, with the bare minimum of editing afterwords.

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 1 - The Game Begins

By JHarris15

2735 0 0 45351

The First Part of The Oblivion Series. A thousand years have passed since the fall of the western empire. When an old enemy begins to re-emerge, will the fractured people of the west unite or will their differences be to great. FEEDBACK WANTED