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Medieval Fantasy

Красные Небеса Нендама

By GrandDohodyaga

699 0 0 508

Древние земли @[Нендама](location:3bdd994b-d8dd-4b3d-ab82-cc52e632a8b2), огромного региона в @[Аллазоуле](article:f71095de-46c5-4341-b635-dc6cc1fb27d0) находятся под атакой Великой Красной Армии, или же Армии Арикабана. Самоотверженные жители ближайших деревень...

Mournful Love

By gerkiepickles

4 0 0 9

After the Warden refused the ritual Morrigan offered, she sacrifices herself to the Archdemon. Both her and the Archdemon's souls disappear into the Fade. Her body lies still on the cold stone floor. Alistair cradles her lifeless body and crying over her,...


By thekhanartist

380 0 0 461

Those who live in blissful ignorance of reality do not question what sacrifices are made to ensure their enduring existence, but those who are aware suffer the weight of knowing that peace and prosperity are not reliant on those who speak of them from the...

The Tale of Melestrua's Mystara

By Melestrua

684 0 0 150

Mystara - a world of adventure with a range of diverse countries, originally published by TSR for the boxed (BECMI) set D&D range. Melestrua's Mystara - a mega-campaign set in Mystara, run by Melestrua, with multiple campaign threads intertwining. This is...

The Dragon of Evergreen

By Camture350

202 0 0 10836

Survival: the means of doing things to not end up dead. And for most of us, that means getting a good paying job to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. At least that's what it was till I ended up here: In this medieval era world of monsters and...

The Monk and the Soldier

By Ausar (Oliiii)

252 0 0 1046

A monk and a soldier sit at a guttering fire in the marshes. The monk carries the burden of tens of his fellows' lives, the knowledge of a lost order, and the responsibility to tell a father his son has died. The soldier remembers two homes destroyed, countless...

The King's Playground

By Il'lihan

235 0 0 0

Edward Otherworld had wished to break free from Gaisgaich's borderline opressive governement and millitary. He had wished that, by doing so, he could bring with him those who held simmilar beliefs, and in a way that was what happened. The declaration fo...


By AvalonArcana

232 0 0 318

a series of short stories detailing the lives of people before everything else, showing where they came from and how they became who they are.

Stormborn Volume I: The Dragonborn Comes

By ivan.dovahkiin

265 0 0 0

The time of the dragons is nigh. Nearly twenty years after a bloody civil war, the new generation will either secum or learn from the last generation.

Chronicles of Osera: Child of Mesendra

By Jennaskel

908 1 0 11792

When the spirit of the bear fades and the wings are struck down from the sky, the Child of Mesendra will rise. The Kingdom will fall in their wake and the sky will weep with scarlet tears. The rivers will carry the message through the land of Mesendra's child...

The Inkshadow Saga

By Alva_Inkshadow

237 0 0 0

Sandwiched between the frozen wastelands of the North and the unexplored wilderness of the South, the kingdom of Rhuvaal is in decline. After the ancient Inkshadow monarchy fell, a coalition of corrupt, power-hungry nobles arose to seize control for themselves....

The Secret of Darkwater Basin

By TheStoryBeard

155 0 0 13374

[quote][dc]"S[/dc]trange things happen near Darkwater Basin. Dark things. They say the water is tainted, turning all who drink it into horrid creatures of the night. They say that the creatures who live there are so vile that even the goblins stay away. They...


By moonflower-writing

308 0 0 3001

Corivin is a fantasy world where Hunters fight back against the forces of evil and magic is very much real.


By Kaycie Anders

274 0 0 2454

A child from a line of ruthless kings, King Geoffrey the First was unlike any king in recent memory. King Geoffrey was considerably laid back, easily amused, and flexible despite his position, and the people of his kingdom respected him. He was a political...

Le retour du Dieu-roi

By MarionV

256 0 0 1480

Mille ans sont passés depuis le règne du Dieu-roi. Des rumeurs annoncent son retour imminent, mais seulement si les hommes sont prêts à recevoir sa sagesse. Détective spécialisé anti-mage, Roy infiltre un culte qui prépare le retour du Dieu-roi. Persuadé...

The Trials

By SniperFrog

189 0 0 5586

Twenty years ago, The Knights of Obsidian were cast down from their lofty heights. Now they are known as The Fell Knights. They live a life of exile from the guilds, but that does not stop them from causing problems. Pina, a woman on a mission of vengeance....

Callindrill (Albion 2)

By PeterJBlake

5645 0 0 80312

Three individuals across the Kingdom of Albion and beyond begin their initiations into their separate careers. A young Albion lad is rescued from a raid by the Feral and given over to a monastery in Honshu where he begins his training as a Ghostwalker....

Life of a Rose

By RiverFang

446 1 0 5240

In an age of peace, serving as a knight under the king of Cré should not be so difficult for Lady Primrose Greenleaf. Her greatest worry should be hiding the fact that she is a woman from those that she leads, not dealing with secrets plots to kidnap Princess...

A Knight's Legacy

By moonflower-writing

333 2 0 416

Calanthe "Cala" Megalos is the captain of the Royal Guard in the Skayton Empire. She's the first commoner to take that rank, and all judgemental eyes are on her, waiting for her to mess up in some way. Their chance to prove her unfit for the job comes when...

From Across the Shattered Sea

By Cameron_Vec

458 0 2 8068

Out of the mist came great beasts of men, men who tore apart the land. Met by the resolve of those who called it home.

Scourge of the East

By Espen-Johansen

3790 1 0 32705

This story is set 10 years before the events of The Age of Calamitous series and follows the Navy Captain, Feregreth Sorrowhill as he ventures out on a covert operation.

Foxes' Prey

By mastergentleman

324 0 0 36083

Vincent Galvan has prospered for years as a wayfinder, guiding travelers across all of Seliador and surviving countless adventures and ordeals. Yet when two travelers from the Vaether Republic contract his skills, he finds himself in the midst of a perilous...

Die Geister von Maneria

By Ilaron

294 0 0 1372

In einer Welt der lebenden Mythen treten ungeahnte Gefahren aus dem Nebel der Vergangenheit. Ein Dämon sucht ein argloses Dorf Heim, der Onkel des Königs versucht, seinen kindlichen Herrscher zu beschützen und in den Schatten labt sich eine unerkannte Macht...

The Tale of Lucan de'Altavilla

By Torinn_N

167 0 0 58

Asperia is in crisis. Following in the wake of a crimson comet that is said to be connected to an age of danger and darkness at the beginning of history, creatures have arrived on this fair world from a distant plane, bringing with them corrupting horror and...

Eine Geschichte über die Macht

By Voryn

73 0 0 33585

Lyniun im 3.620. Magentazyklus nach Ragon. Eine friedliche Welt wird durch Gerüchte über Fragmente ins Schwanken gebracht. Fragmente, die so mächtig sind, dass sie eine unbedeutende Siedlung in ein ganzes Königreich verwandeln können. Gleichzeitig entsteht...