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Seek and ye shall find

By KajetanWrites

4724 0 0 3380

This is a story of Seekers of the Congregation for Seeking Divine Artefacts throughout the 20th century as they race with their enemies in a hunt for the Genitals of Uranus, the original source of magic.

Chronicles of Osera: Child of Mesendra

By Jennaskel

2865 1 0 19059

When the spirit of the bear fades and the wings are struck down from the sky, the Child of Mesendra will rise. The Kingdom will fall in their wake and the sky will weep with scarlet tears. The rivers will carry the message through the land of Mesendra's child...

Working Title

By [email protected]

215 0 0 57

A professor with a checkered past has finally found the location of an ancient dragon temple buried deep in the primordial jungles of Q'barra. But finding the temple was easy - taking what lies inside won't be. For that the professor will need the help of...