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Science Fiction,

The Malkoth's Awakening

By Vaerish

158 0 0 1

A world settled by humans from the stars fleeing from as the old records say a great darkness crash landed in a world of oceans. They built floating cities still inhabited by the humans today. As the oceans levels slowly fall more mountains are uncovered below....

The Rebel

By Chronicles of Mann

1248 0 0 23934

During the Feast Day of Lycus, the King of the Commonwealth of Drala launches a plan to rid his kingdom of rivals and the dreaded Furse who have planets the worlds of the Commonwealth for hundreds of years. Millions of Furse are killed throughout the Commonwealth...

The Outcast

By Chronicles of Mann

32 0 0 5033

Elinor Grimmhart. Young noble the Commonwealth of Drala, and daughter to a famous general Ulrik Grimmhart. Serves in the Commonwealth Forces under the Crown Prince Osmund. Helps quell the Feast Day of Lycus Massacres in northern Drala. Split between loyalty...


By TheStoryBeard

83 0 0 3021

The universe is a big place, and somebody has to keep the peace. To this purpose, the Forrath Authority created the Space Jockeys Elite Flying Force.

Adventures in Ostea

By aostreetart9

87 0 0 465

An explorer uncovers a dark secret on a distant colony, while discovering a surprising friendship with a child who challenges his perspectives on how to make a difference in an imperfect world.

Come what may

By Sithis_73

57 0 0 2642

Pyotr's history before meeting the characters.