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Science Fiction,

The Malkoth's Awakening

By Vaerish

1677 0 0 1

A world settled by humans from the stars fleeing from as the old records say a great darkness crash landed in a world of oceans. They built floating cities still inhabited by the humans today. As the oceans levels slowly fall more mountains are uncovered below....

Space Jockeys

By TheStoryBeard

1275 0 0 4149

The universe is a big place, and somebody has to keep the peace. To this purpose, the Forrath Authority created the Space Jockeys Elite Flying Force.

Adventures in Ostea

By aostreetart9

1028 0 0 465

An explorer uncovers a dark secret on a distant colony, while discovering a surprising friendship with a child who challenges his perspectives on how to make a difference in an imperfect world.

Blast Off

By dbgoodin

802 0 0 12389

Endless adventure awaits in INTERSTELLAR ONLINE! Try out new sensory bodysuits to feel what your character feels! CAUTION: Malware included. Cassidy Delgado needs the newest MMO launch from Lush Games to be fantastic. It isn’t just the future of the company...

Come what may

By Sithis_73

1253 0 0 2642

Pyotr's history before meeting the characters.