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Epic Action

SABER, Roots of Hope

By sprodri7

1033 0 0 6481

The last oasis of relative peace in Hune, [Tundra](article:c8fb5d79-a4e0-4c03-ae1c-a82a7c2b6902) has remained untouched by years of battle. The inhabitants face reality as hopeless soldiers return home for a last stand. Leaders have fallen and the King issues...

Legends of Agenor: Rise of Deception

By mjcoron

45 0 0 0

The World of Agenor is a vast place full of magic, grand civilizations, and adventurers of many different professions who wish to make their mark in the world. Marcus Canidae known as the Black Wolf is a mercenary by trade and became renowned three...

The Eye of Bhuta

By ejmichaels

1667 1 0 31046

Many want the Eye of Bhuta, a priceless gem that is worth an entire kingdom, but the one who possesses it wants to be rid of it. Skamsen must travel to a hostile land with a lady seemingly unaware or unconcerned of the dangers surrounding them to be rid of...