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Fantasy Violence

Mournful Love

By gerkiepickles

273 0 0 9

After the Warden refused the ritual Morrigan offered, she sacrifices herself to the Archdemon. Both her and the Archdemon's souls disappear into the Fade. Her body lies still on the cold stone floor. Alistair cradles her lifeless body and crying over her,...

Raven and Kestrel

By iamvishnu

545 0 0 9038

Chamomile Mesmera has left her home seeking the power to bring back her long-dead beloved, but must defeat her greatest challenge yet: capitalism. Fortunately, strange happenings are never far away, and a distraction of the occult nature may be exactly what...

FT Book 1: Kiss of the Dragon

By amelianite

428 0 0 1678

Welcome to the Fairy Tail Guild! For some, it can be a place of happiness. For others…not so much. Meet Rosaleta Argesi, an S-Class Wizard with an unsettling amount of magic. She alone can rival Laxus Dreyar, Gildarts Clive, and the 10 Wizard Saints. But...

The Tale of Chamomile Mesmera

By iamvishnu

1233 0 0 19533

Young witch Chamomile is tired of her mundane life, until she explores the creepy abandoned manor on the edge of town, and discovers the secret within.

Watcher's Rising

By TrixQuinzel

1078 0 0 27037

The night Mylea Rathiain's family are slaughtered in their beds, she is sent on a path that she would never have expected to find herself on. Thrown into a journey that is far more deadly then it first appears, Mylea must now not only stop a Corrupting Force...


By WhatWhat

587 0 0 12124

Olyvia was more than content to forget her past and move on. But life doesn't always play along.

The Elves of Inyarel

By Athena Rae

445 0 0 59742

The world of Inyarel has been thrust into war between the elves and the humans. The humans went from peacefully living in Inyarel to invading the cities and forests the elves called home, claiming these locations for themselves. After almost 300 years, the...

Autumn's Fall

By BlackGateFox

396 0 0 0

Autumn is a sweet child whom had the misfortune of being raised in a town where dark magic worked it's way into the minds of the people and gave malice to the forest that surrounded the little hamlet. These lands long ago were home to abominable worship...

Hidden Strength

By Shredderx2000

234 0 0 307

In a society fueled by the constant drive for physical superiority amongst each other. Where only the strong thrive one chose to practice skill and speed to stand apart. His uniqness cathes the eye of some unique people and he is taken away to discover that...